Lessons For Seniors


Are you…

  • interested in playing the piano?
  • already playing the piano but want to improve?
  • secretly wishing you can play the piano for family and friends?

I am excited to announce a specially designed piano teaching course tailored to your stage of life--that of the senior. As a senior myself, I personally understand and appreciate this wonderful stage of life!

As we age, our bodies change. It is imperative to stay involved in life with activities that stimulate the mind, body, and spirit. It is a known fact that making music helps keep the mind sharp, creates wonderful feelings of well-being, and is helpful in keeping your shoulder, arm, finger joints and muscles nimble and supple.  

Additional benefits may include:

  • lowering blood pressure
  • decreasing the risk of Alzeheimer’s and dementia
  • increasing happiness
  • improving memory and cognitive skills
  • strengthening the immune system

Let me bring the joy of making music at the piano to you. Why postpone actualizing your musical dreams? Today is your day!